The Story of Kam Agong

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The Story of Kam Agong
Many maternal mortality cases went unreported in Sarawak. There are no proper statistics on Maternal Mortality Rate. Death of Kam Agong in the highlands of Long Semadoh Lawas Sarawak was one case that was reported, investigated, documented, legal action taken and made in to a documentary.

What happen to Kam Agong?
Kam Agong due to deliver her 8th child at the Lawas District Hospital. She endured a cesarean section at the hands of inexperience doctors and hospital without adequate equipment. Kam Agong struggled with primary and secondary postpartum hemorrhage. She died 28 days after the cesarean section in Long Semadoh Lawas Sarawak at the age of 44.

Medical negligence case against government and the hospital
We the family initiated medical negligence case against the government, hospital, doctors and medical officers filed in 2004. The family unable to get legal representation in Sarawak hence they were forced to represented the case themselves in Court of Sessions Sarawak. In 2008 Session court judge ruled that the defendants were 100% liable for medical negligence awarded the family with RM60, 000.00 damages and allowed appeal to High Court for higher quantum especially for the lost of household income. The defendants appealed against the Sessions courts judgment, however the High Court judge up helped Sessions Court’s ruling and ruled that there were sufficient evidence that the late Kam Agong did contribute to the household income.

Documentary “The Story of Kam Agong”
Two close friends pushed us to make this documentary they introduced us to Freedom Film Fest. We pitched for the film grant along with 6 others and “The Story of Kam Agong” was selected as one of the grant winner.

It took us 10 day to film this documentary and 3 months to edit. We have screened “The Story of Kam Agong” in Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, UNIMAS, Miri, UPM, Ipoh, Majung, Penang, Muar and Johor Bahru.

We hope to screen this in documentary in Europe and other parts of the world. Our hope that through this documentary we compel the Federal Government to provide adequate maternity care and healthcare in Sarawak.