About Kam Agong


Kam Agong from Long Semadoh Naseb Lawas Sarawak. Died due to Secondary Postpartum Hemorrhage (severe bleeding 48 hours after cesarean section). Below are the events that lead to her death and all other events and the legal process before we obtained the so call Justice.

However we belief that she was murdered by the Corrupted Government and the System.

They will victimize the poor, innocent and ignorant.

They failed to monitor her and neglected her. They performed Cesarean with complications but failed to consult a Gynecologist. They discharged her in a hurry. Her condition deteriorated and they blamed it on her age. They knew something was gravely wrong with her and urgently discharged her for the second time. They sent her back to Long Semado hoping that she will die without notice.
Immediately after her death, came the medical officers removed medical documents and medications from our home. They told our family members that it was not their doing and that it was fated. They thought that this family incapable of bringing legal action or understand what went wrong. And if the family brings legal action they can prolong it, discourage the family or out of court settlement would be an option. They knew predicament of the Lun Bawang community from Long Semado.

One must ask why the doctors refused to refer her condition to a Gynecologist. Is it to protect their livelihood? Could it be, if mistakes were identified it could be detrimental to their career advancement in the medical profession. Could these be the reason why they refused to save her life? She was basically killed to cover their dreadful mistakes.

Kam Agong was the only daughter of Agong Dawat a war vateran from Long Semadoh Lawas Sarawak. He was the the village head.

World War Medal 1939-45

The daughter of Agong Dawat a Second World War veteran. Agong Dawat was bestowed with medal of honor by UK and Commonwealth Type Campaign medal Eligibility British and Commonwealth forces. Awarded for Campaign service. Campaign Second World War 1939-45. Agong Dawat – died 1995.

I Lawrence Jayaraj the son in law of Kam Agong initiated kamagong.org to highlight the atrocities committed by Umno/Bn government in Sarawak.