Infant Mortality


 Emalvin Murang Elvin premature baby 2 months and 12 days old died at home in Lawas on the 18th April 2012. Parents claim child was feeding well and healthy before they took him to the Lawas District Hospital for check up on the 17th April 2012. They claim that the infant was active but soon after an injection administered by a JM (Jururawat Masyarakat) he appeared weak. They put him to bed that evening but he turned blue early morning rushed him to hospital but declared dead.

No postmortem was done but death by Milk Aspiration was concluded.

If Lawas had a proper Hospital with Specialist our little baby Emalvin would be alive.

The Premature Infant


The premature infant’s mortality risk is far greater than that of the term infant. It accounts for over fifty percent of deaths among neonates. A large percentage of all premature infants can survive if they receive comprehensive medical management, including specialized nursing care. The adjustment to extrauterine life presents an added hazard to the premie because he leaves the protection of the uterus before his physical development is sufficient. He comes into the extrauterine world with physiological limitations that could set the stage for both early and later complications. These limitations or handicaps differ in kind, number, and severity, depending on gestational age at birth. The smaller the infant, the more arduous his struggle is expected to be. Each premature infant provides the nursery personnel with a unique challenge. His specific physical needs are met most successfully when the nurse recognized the intensity of care required and applies expert nursing skills geared to assist with his struggle.


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