The Documentary

The Story of Kam Agong

Film Synopsis:
Agnes Padan takes a long journey back to her Lun Bawang village in Long Semadoh, in the interior of Sarawak to piece together what happened to her mother, Kam Agong, who died sixteen years ago shortly after she gave birth to her eighth son, Jordan. Agnes’ journey reveals a story of severe medical negligence that led to Kam Agong’s eventual painful death. Through ‘The Story of Kam Agong’, we get a glimpse of the state of maternity healthcare available to villagers living in rural areas of Sarawak.

Director – Agnes Padan & Lawrence Jayaraj
Co Director – Wong Chin Hor
Narrator – Agnes Padan
Cinematographer – Wong Chin Hor
Sound Recordist – Helmi Jimy Hemren
Translators – Fredda Balang, Rudang, Miceelle Bau Baru &
Translators   Henry Paris
Post Production Facilities – Nuvista Media
Editor – Julian Chong & Lara Ariffin
Colourist – Harun Rahman
Audio Post – Digital Orange
Special Thanks – Goethe Institut Malaysia
Special Thanks – Vetter, Johnny Ong,
Special Thanks – Cherise Boey, Nelson Leong
Production Consultant – Anna Har, Brenda Danker & Nuvista Media
Produced by Freedom Film Network and KiniTV