This girl Regina who is 11 years old was born in Miri Hospital to her biological parents who are undocumented or stateless. She was given to a couple who was looking for a child for adoption. Labo Agong and his wife (Malaysians) took care of this child and made many attempts to adopt Regina but failed.

Regina will turn 12 years old February 2022 and she has less than 8 months to get her adoption approved. Child above 12 years old cannot be legally adopted.

This video is done with the intention to get attention from relevant ministry and help for this girl and her parents who are trying to adopt Regina. Children of Borneo are Child of this Land.

Under Article 15 A (Special Power to register children) of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia – the Federal Government may, in such special circumstances as it thinks fit, cause any person under the age of twenty-one years to be registered as a citizen.

We are seeking the Federal Government to exercise this discretion and grant Regina:

1. Approve Regina’s adoption to Mr Labo Agong and and his wife Mada Tibur.
2. Grand her citizenship under Article 15A of the Federal Constitution.