Was born before Malaysia Day just before Confrontation 1963 struggling without citizenship

Mebpung Akup a Sarawakian but not a Malaysian

The year 1961 there was no Malaysia

The year 1962 there was no Malaysia

The year 1963 formation of Malaysia & Confrontation against Indonesia

The year 1965 end of Confrontation and Singapore’s departure from Federation of Malaysia

Mebpung Akup was a victim of circumstances and an administration which failed to understand the predicament of Orang Ulu before Malaysia day, during the formation of Malaysia and during and after the Confrontation against Indonesia.

Mebpung Akup was born on October 1961 in Long Lutok close to Long Sukang. Her delivery was handled by a midwife who has since passed away. Seven (7) siblings, she is the 4th child and Mebpung is the only one without a citizenship. The period 1961 till 1965 was a difficult period for Orang Ulu in Lawas due to Confrontation with the Indonesians and the fact that Mebpung’s mother was expecting yet another child soon after the birth of Mebpung. It was not possible for Mebpung’s mother to walk for days to Lawas inorder to register their child’s birth at the JPN (NRD) and Mebpung’s father was serving as Border Scouts during Confrontation. There is no evidence to prove that she was born in Indonesia. Mebpung’s younger sister was born in 1962 nine (9) months after Mebpung’s birth. Neither of them had proof of birth in Long Sukang.

After the Confrontation, In 1973, when she was 12 years old, Mebpung and her father went to JPN (NRD) Lawas to submit an application for her IC. The officer who processed the application informed them to come and collect her IC in 6 months. After 6 months when Mebpung and her father went to JPN (NRD) Lawas the officer incharge was transferred out. Since then she could not process her IC. When she got married, her husband submitted all original documents to JPN several times, yet the only reply they received was that she could not prove her place of birth and relationship between her and her parents.

On 22nd December 2020 we (kamagong.org) submitted all relevant documents and correspondence through JPN online seeking explanation, the only respond that we received that Mebpung failed to prove her place of birth and her relationship with her parents and to resubmit all original documents at the JPN (NRD) Lawas. All her original documents are with JPN Kuching submitted many years ago.

Mebpung Akup mother of 5 kids now suspected with breast cancer cannot seek medical treatment at the local hospital or at the Likas Hospital.



If WARISAN and UMNO can obtain citizenship, why deprive Mebpung Akup of her right to be a citizen of this country.