Impact of COVID-19 and Birth Registration

Healthcare record book for new born baby

Gina (not her real name) who is from Ulu was due to deliver her third child at Lawas District Hospital in February or March 2015. Unfortunately when she had labour pain in her 7th month of pregnancy.

Lawas District Hospital

Lawas District Hospital ill-equipped to handle emergency cases such as Gina’s. Gina was rushed to Hospital Likas, Kota Kinabalu however on the way to Likas the ambulance had to be diverted to Beaufort Hospital, Sabah. As soon as the premature baby was delivered at Beaufort Hospital both mother and child were immediately sent to Hospital Likas.

Gina and her baby were in Likas for a month before the child was discharged. The Hospital Beaufort could not locate Gina’s Borang A which was misplaced by the Hospital staff. Gina made a Police Report on 15 July 2020. She received the letter “surat PENGESAHAN BERSALIN DI HOSPITAL BEAUFORT” on the 22 Julai 2020. Gina went JPN Lawas to register her child’s birth, JPN Lawas Sarawak refused to entertain and told her to submit to JPN Beaufort.

Gina a single mother without any source of income from B40 segment unable to travel to Sabah due to COVID-19 pandemic MCO restrictions and SOP.

The question is all JPN in Malaysia are connected via an online system. Why does Gina need to travel from Lawas Sarawak to Beaufort to register her child’s birth ? If this child’s birth registration is not settled by this year this child will not be accepted in government school.